Mixing Systems

MGT’s mixing systems include both the tank and the in-tank agitator as a one-stop-shop unit, offering several advantages in terms of compatibility, performance, cost savings, and overall efficiency compared to sourcing these components separately from different suppliers.
Vacumm Mixer
Our Vacuum mixer includes a double motion coaxial agitator combined with a high shear rotor-stator homogenizer. The vessel has a double jacket. The system allows a wide range of operation such as emulsion and homogenization, sterilization and other functions under vacuum) or positive pressure. Each drive has independent speed control. Other parameters such as temperature, pH measure, flow, weight and flow control can be regulated easily.
mixing 5
Customized Mixing System
Our customized mixing solutions are extremely versatile. A good example is a double or triple motion agitator where each mixer is powered by independent electric drive-motors operating at different speeds. This design achieves efficient blending of low and high viscosity products, improves heat transfer, and allows for dispersion and dilution of solids, emulsion, etc.
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High Verity Agitator Configuration
The top-mounted high-efficiency double-motion counter-rotating agitator is designed to improve homogeneity products from low to high viscosity with a bottom-mounted high shear rotor-stator homogenizer to prepare emulsions and disperser with saw tooth disc to ensure excellent homogenization and powder integration into the liquids.
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Triple Motion Agitator
The unique design integrated bottom centrical mounted scraper agitator with the eccentrical 100% drain resolves the space on the top head of the tank. At the top vessel mounted, high shear homogenizer for emulsion production and a disperser to efficiently disperse the solids into the product.
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Helical Ribbon Agitator with a Bottom-Mounted Homogenizer
The helical ribbon agitator combined with homogenizer is a common combination in the cosmetics industry. The helical agitator has two main purposes: 1. Handle and blend viscous products by producing an axial circulation flow in the vessel; 2. Scrape the tank walls to enhance the heat transfer and to improve the homogeneity of high viscous products. Rotor Stator high shear Homogenizer is mostly suited for liquid applications and is designed to create emulsions. Rotor-stator homogenizer design can have multiple configurations depending on the desired viscosity range, shear rate and circulation flow capacity. These systems are designed for various viscosities mostly up 250,000 cP.
mixing 1
Double motion coaxial agitator
Top mounted Anchor with shell and bottom scraping + dispersion disc. The design ensures no agglomeration at the bottom of the tank and resuspends the powder during the prolonged shutdown.
MGT’s mixing systems ensure that the tank and agitator are fully compatible regarding dimensions, capacity, and performance to work seamlessly together.
Efficient Integration
The tank and agitator fit together perfectly, saving time and effort in installation and setup.
Streamlined Procurement
Dealing with one supplier for both the tank and agitator can streamline the purchasing process and reduce administrative overhead.
Quality Assurance
The customer benefits from consistent quality control and quality assurance processes across both components.
Improved Performance
Integrated mixing systems are optimized for maximum performance, leading to better mixing results, lower energy consumption, and reduced maintenance requirements.

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