MGT specializes in batch and continuous chemical processes applying cutting-edge software to design and simulate the mixing process, considering hydrodynamics and turbulence characteristics of different volume zones as well as product inlets position to optimize the processes.

We provide solutions to liquids blending and dispersion, solids suspension and dissolving, and mass and heat transfer.

Mixing equipment in the chemicals industry faces a wide range of challenges due to the diverse nature of chemical processes and products. Chemical mixing is crucial for achieving proper reactions, consistent product quality, and efficient production.

can solve these challenges

Here are some of the main challenges faced by mixing equipment in the chemicals industry:
Chemical Reactivity
Viscosity Variation
Viscosity Variation
Phase Separation and Emulsification
Solid-Liquid Mixing
Gas-Liquid Mixing
Scale-Up Issues
Safety Considerations
Cleaning and Contamination Control
Reaction Inhibition
Color and Pigment Dispersion
Energy Efficiency
High-Pressure and High-Temperature Conditions
Real-time Monitoring and Control

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