Mixing and agitation of cosmetics are critical processes that require specific production conditions and pose a challenge that MGT’s products readily overcome. We offer a comprehensive range of processing solutions for the cosmetics industry.

Our extensive experience in cosmetics processing enables us to provide our clients with ideal solutions for this industry. And enables the clients to produce personal care products such as Skin Care Products, Hair Care Products, Baby Care Products, Oral Hygiene Products, and various Household Products.

Mixing equipment in the cosmetics industry faces unique challenges due to the emphasis on product aesthetics, texture, and consumer safety. Cosmetics include a wide range of products such as creams, lotions, makeup, and perfumes, each with specific requirements for consistency and appearance.

can solve these challenges

Here are some of the main challenges faced by mixing equipment in the cosmetics industry:
Product Homogeneity
Sensitive Ingredients
Emulsification and Stability
Particle Size Control
Color and Pigment Dispersion
Texture and Rheology
Fragrance Incorporation
High-Viscosity Formulations
Contamination and Cross-Contamination
Sensitive to Shear
Scale-Up Challenges
Ingredient Solubility
Packaging Compatibility
Regulatory Compliance
Customization and Flexibility

Case Studies

Cosmetic Oil Mixing
Our challenge was to produce a Tank with a special mixing system for the production of an innovative pilot product in the field of cosmetics
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