In-Line Liquid-Liquid Mixer

The MGT in-line rotor-stator liquid/liquid mixer is used to continuously blend and emulsify two or more liquids.
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Inline mixer type 2

This type of mixer combines the principles of a rotor-stator mixer with an in-line design, allowing for efficient and controlled mixing without needing a separate vessel.

In-line rotor-stator liquid-liquid mixers are designed with a rotating rotor inside a stationary stator. The rotor’s high-speed movement generates strong shear forces as the liquid passes through the narrow gap between the rotor and stator, resulting in effective mixing and emulsification.

One of the primary purposes of an in-line rotor-stator mixer is to create stable emulsions by breaking down immiscible liquids into small droplets and dispersing one liquid phase within another, ensuring thorough blending and preventing separation or settling of components.

In some cases, the high shear generated by the rotor-stator design can help reduce particle size in suspensions or slurries, leading to finer and more uniform mixtures.

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Inline mixer type 2

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