Helical blade

Helical impellers are especially effective for mixing high-viscosity materials that are challenging to agitate using traditional impellers. The helical blades create an uplifting twisting motion within the fluid, promoting thorough mixing and dispersion of viscous components.
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MGT’s Helical impellers are used for complex agitation purposes in various industrial applications.

These impellers are characterized by their helical or spiral-shaped blades that wrap around a central shaft. The design of helical impellers is particularly well-suited for tasks that involve lifting up and mixing viscous fluids, pastes, and materials that require gentle yet effective agitation.

The gentle and consistent flow pattern generated by helical impellers helps in achieving the homogenization of materials. This is important in applications where maintaining uniform composition is critical.

The twisting flow generated by helical impellers enhances heat transfer within the fluid. This makes them suitable for heating or cooling processes, as the improved convective currents aid in temperature uniformity.

A helical impeller can be combined with an anchor/gate impeller for a massive combined agitator that creates strong both radial and axial forces.

Key Features

Suspension of Solids Heat Transfer
Viscous Fluids

Mixing processes

Case Studies

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